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Siamak Jahangiry biography

Siamak Jahangiry, a renowned Persian Ney player (bamboo flute) and composer, was born in the enchanting town of Chaloos, Iran, in 1971. His passion for music ignited at a young age when he delved into the captivating world of Ney under the guidance of Persian traditional music maestros like Mr. Abdolnaghi Afsharnia. This early training laid the foundation for his artistic journey that would later blossom into a remarkable career.

A firm believer in the power of education, Siamak Jahangiry pursued his academic endeavors while nurturing his musical talents. He completed his Master's degree in Music at the esteemed College of fine arts in Tehran in 1996. Simultaneously, he continued his pursuit of mastering the Ney, refining his skills under the watchful eye of Mr. Mohamad Ali Kiani Nejad. His passion for the instrument and its historical significance led him to undertake an in-depth thesis focused on Ney and an analytical exploration of playing techniques utilized by former and contemporary Ney players.

In 1993, Siamak Jahangiry's influential debut as a composer and performer showcased the depth of his talent. Forming his music ensemble in the same year, he graced numerous stages with soul-stirring performances, leaving audiences mesmerized by the beauty of his music.

Over the years, Jahangiry composed and recorded several music collections, including the captivating "Feast and Grief" featuring five Ney and two Tombak compositions. He also ventured into regional music, delving into the poetry and melodies of Iran's northern Mazandaran region, culminating in the release of the enchanting "Misty Solitude" album.

His musical journey led him to collaborate with some of the most esteemed musicians of our time. Siamak Jahangiry joined forces with the legendary Keyhan Kalhor and the renowned Silk Road ensemble, directed by the master cellist Yo Yo Ma, resulting in two breathtaking music CDs titled "When Strangers Meet" and "Enchantment." Their performances took them across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia, captivating audiences and leaving an indelible mark on the world stage.

In 2007, Jahangiry embarked on a fulfilling journey with Abdolghader Maragheyi's ensemble, directed by the esteemed Mohamad Reza Darvishi, and accompanied by the revered vocalist, Homayon Shajarian. Together, they recorded and released three music albums, marking yet another milestone in Jahangiry's illustrious career.

Throughout his artistic endeavors, Siamak Jahangiry has passionately nurtured Iran's musical heritage. He has composed repertoires for quartets and orchestrated Iranian songs and instruments, infusing the traditional art form with his innovative vision.

Beyond his performances and compositions, Jahangiry is an esteemed professor of music in the fine art faculty at Tehran University, where he passes on his knowledge and expertise to aspiring musicians, inspiring future generations of talent.

Throughout his illustrious journey, Siamak Jahangiry's artistry has transcended borders and cultures, connecting people through the universal language of music. His mastery of the Ney and contributions to Iranian classical music has solidified his place as a true musical visionary and a cultural ambassador of extraordinary talent.

As we immerse ourselves in the emotive melodies of Siamak Jahangiry's music, we honor a musician who has touched the hearts of audiences worldwide, leaving an everlasting legacy in the world of music.

Siamak Jahangiry artworks

Course Objectives:

Over the span of five years, students will develop a deep understanding of the Ney's intricacies, the nuances of Persian classical music, and an elevated level of artistry in playing. The program seeks to foster students' individuality and creativity, empowering them to express emotions through music, and culminating in becoming accomplished Ney players and cultural ambassadors.


  • Intermediate to advanced proficiency in playing the Ney or a comparable wind instrument.
  • A strong understanding of music theory, including scales, modes, and rhythm.
  • Prior experience with Persian classical music or Radif is highly recommended.

Course Outline:

Year 1: Laying the Foundations

  • Reviewing basic Ney techniques and refining breath control and embouchure.
  • Introduction to the Persian Dastgah system and basic Radif segments.
  • Developing a repertoire of traditional Persian melodies on the Ney.

Year 2: Advanced Ney Techniques

  • Mastering advanced fingerings, ornamentations, and extended techniques.
  • Exploring microtonal playing and developing sensitivity to tonal nuances.
  • Emphasizing precision, speed, and fluidity in Ney performance.

Year 3: Persian Classical Music Immersion

  • In-depth study of Persian Dastgahs, their characteristics, and emotional expressions.
  • Learning complex Radif segments and variations, with a focus on individual expression.
  • Exploring the connection between poetry and music in classical Persian compositions.

Year 4: Artistry and Creativity

  • Advancing Ney improvisation and Avaz (vocal-like improvisations).
  • Developing original Ney compositions inspired by diverse themes and moods.
  • Collaborating with musicians to explore Ney's role in ensemble performances.

Year 5: Mastering the Ney

  • Preparing for advanced solo and ensemble performances.
  • Refining stage presence, communication with audiences, and artistic interpretation.
  • Final student recitals and comprehensive performance evaluations.

Assessment and Progress Monitoring:

  • Weekly assignments, practice sessions, and recorded performances for evaluation.
  • Ongoing feedback, personalized guidance, and individualized lesson plans.
  • Periodic student assessments to track progress and set new goals.

Course Materials:

  • A high-quality Persian Ney (Students are expected to have their own Ney instrument).
  • Supplementary materials, sheet music, audio recordings, video demonstrations, and performance resources are provided by the instructor.