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Fariboz Azizi biography

Hailing from the vibrant cultural tapestry of Tehran, Iran, Fariborz Azizi stands as a prominent figure in the realm of Persian classical music. Born in 1961, his journey as a maestro of the Tar and Setar, an accomplished composer, dedicated music educator, and diligent researcher has left an indelible mark on the musical landscape.

Guided by an unwavering passion, Azizi embarked on his musical odyssey under the tutelage of esteemed luminaries in Persian classical music. The guidance of revered mentors such as Hossein Alizadeh, Mohammad Reza Lotfi, Dariush Talai, Arshad Tahmasbi, Massoud Shaari, and Hamid Motebassem shaped his musical sensibilities and ignited his pursuit of musical excellence.

Over the expanse of more than three decades, Azizi has garnered acclaim as a transformative music educator, transcending the traditional roles of teacher and mentor. His influence spans beyond geographical boundaries, nurturing the talents of numerous students across ages and nationalities. Azizi's educational footprint is felt in prestigious institutions such as Art University in Karaj, the University of Applied Sciences and Technology in Tehran, Tehran Music Conservatory, Mazandaran Academy of Arts, and the Persian Music Center in the heart of Los Angeles.

Azizi's philosophy of musical mastery extends beyond the technical intricacies of performance. He advocates for a holistic approach, fostering a deep connection between his students and the rich cultural heritage that Persian classical music encapsulates. This approach leads his students to explore not only the melodies, rhythms, and techniques embedded in the musical repertoire but also to delve into the soul of Iranian art history, poetry, and the diverse regional styles that shape Persian musical expressions.

Azizi's educational journey is characterized by a tailored approach, recognizing the uniqueness of each student's abilities and aspirations. This approach, combined with his commitment to nurturing a profound appreciation for Persian culture, has borne fruits in the form of exceptional young musicians who shine both within Iran and beyond its borders.

As a Tar and Setar virtuoso, composer, educator, and researcher, Fariborz Azizi stands as a beacon of cultural preservation and innovation. His life's work embodies the harmonious marriage of tradition and evolution, perpetuating the rich legacy of Persian classical music while inspiring new generations to embrace its profound beauty.

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