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Behnam Masoumi biography

Behnam Masoumi, born in 1986, is a highly accomplished multi-percussive instrumentalist known for his remarkable contributions to the world of music. With a passion for rhythm that spans cultures and continents, Behnam's musical journey has taken him to prestigious positions and stages worldwide.

Professional Highlights:

- Chair of the Department of Rhythm and Percussive Instruments:** Behnam serves as the Chair of the Department of Rhythm and Percussive Instruments at the esteemed Tehran Conservatoire of Music, where he imparts his expertise to the next generation of musicians.

- Official Performer for Vancouver World Music Company (2014-2016):** During this period, Behnam was the official performer for the renowned Vancouver World Music Company, captivating audiences with his exceptional talent.

- Performer for the Lotus Revival Company of Austria:** Behnam's artistry extended internationally as he joined the Lotus Revival Company of Austria, further enriching his musical repertoire.


Behnam's musical journey has been marked by numerous accomplishments:

- He has contributed his exceptional skills to over 28 musical album projects, including noteworthy titles such as "Benjo," "In the Moment," "In the Realm of Solitude," "Tanide," "Tar o Pood," "Three Oud," "Ghatre," "Ravi," "Ejaz," and "Chopi," among others.

- His international presence has graced stages and festivals in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania, Canada, Australia, Armenia, and beyond.

- Behnam has performed in well over 800 concerts in Iran and various countries, leaving a lasting impression on diverse audiences.

- As a passionate educator, he has conducted professional workshops in Iran and numerous countries, focusing on topics such as "Rhythm Over the Past 800 Years in Iran," "Iranian Historic Rhythmic Cycles," and "Multi-Rhythm and Polyrhythmic Theories."

Behnam Masoumi's dedication to the art of percussion and rhythm has not only elevated his own musical career but has also enriched the global music community through his performances, teaching, and contributions to numerous musical projects.

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